Saturday, November 16, 2019

Software engineers Essay Example for Free

Software engineers Essay There have also been improvements in the protocols applied by the internet. In its inception the type and the capacity of data that could be passed through the internet was limited because the mechanism that enable its functioning, referred to as protocols, could not support complex data formats and large data sizes. Software engineers, web designers and application designers have worked so hard over the years that it is currently easy to pass data over the internet in almost all existing formats. The most common web browsers support the sending of multimedia over the internet, furthermore the live streaming of videos and clips is possible with the protocol applied with the latest versions of browsers (Jayne, 1999). It is even possible to chat with friend over the internet and the teleconferencing mechanism that the internet technology has been targeting for so long is now in place. Education is an aspect that requires creativity and integration of various modes of data delivery, the use of plain text, videos, audio streaming, visual aid and real life examples characterises the current American educational system. Volume and integration of various data makes education material quite voluminous, moreover the interaction between the tutor and the student at a personal level is a key characteristic of a good learning session. Therefore, the improvement in the internet protocols that have made it possible to transfer large amounts of data, multimedia and even hold chart sessions is an aspect of the development in the internet technology that has really had a positive impact on the development of e- learning. Security has been a key area of concern with regard to the development of internet and its usage (Tanenbaum, 2001). The well known protocols employed by the internet, the rapid rate of improvement in the internet technology that are hard to keep up with in terms of security protocols and the nature of internet, especially the aspect of an infinite number of potential access point and the lack of a body that is charged with the implementation of policies that govern its usage, are some of the factors that have made the realisation of internet security a designers nightmare (Keeton, 2002). The number of conmen operating in the net is considerable and thus security has always been an issue. The protocols employed by the recent versions of browsers make it possible to integrate security devices or software that increases the level of security. The use of firewalls and implementation of good security mechanisms by most internet providers has in a way developed some sense of security in internet usage. Security in an education system aids the smooth flow of information to the students. Furthermore, the emergence of electronic payment methods that implement watertight security mechanism has made it possible to transfer money from one corner of the globe to the other in a matter of seconds without having to worry so much about it finding its way into someone elses hand (Kwok-Wing, 2001). A secure system is surely a psychological boost to the student and will thus promote learning and transfer of money between the knowledge seeker and provider. The use of computers depends on three major components: Hardware, user and software. Considerable improvements have been noted in all the three areas over the years and are seen as some of the factors that have made it easy for the transfer of data over the internet and the use of such data by the intended end user. The hardware in computers refers to the physical parts that make up the computer system. Some of the hardware in a computer system is the monitor, mouse, keyboard, hard disk and RAM. Initially computers used to cover large spaces and had large power consumption rates (Thelin, 2004). The current generation of computers are built under the consideration of convenience, performance and user friendliness.

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