Sunday, February 2, 2020

Managing change, Qatar Telecommunications - OOREDOO case study

Managing change, Qatar Telecommunications - OOREDOO - Case Study Example From the research it can be comprehended that there are some of the changes that calls for organisations to have change management that would help them cope with ever evolving changes. As businesses continue to experience growth, the contemporary businesses world continue to become complex as new and old businesses develop new competitive strategies that triggers change in the way business is conducted. For instance, since the law of controlling monopoly was enacted, Ooredoo has been facing stiff competition from other plays in the market. Vodafone has, for example, been gaining grounds slowly as customers start to focus on a wide range of factors that are favourable to them. Low prices have been the main focus for customers since the market has been preoccupied by high calling rates. In this regard, Ooredoo has no option other than change management to cope with the new challenges for it to continue being at the top as it used to be during monopolistic time. Although many people wou ld argue that Ooredoo did not have change management in its earlier years when it used to operate on monopoly basis, it is arguable that the company employed organisational strategy to provide ever changing dynamics of business in regard to emergence of new products and services. However, the change for strategy in the recent years is what has triggered more physical changes especially on pricing that has made people think that the company just begun change management concept due to competition.

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